Owen Falls Hydro Electric Power Station. Jinja, Uganda.

Here is a photographic copy of the Opening Ceremony document presented after the opening on April 29th, 1954.

Some interesting sections to read :
page 51 (penultimate page) - a reprint of a story from the Times newspaper about a visiting hippopotamus.
page 8 - Message from the Governor, paragraph 3 - emphasizing the fact that the dam, power station and electricity belongs to Uganda.
page 9 - Story of Owen Falls - John Speke (first documented European to visit?) reached the location of the then Ripon Falls (as named by Speke) only 90 years previously.
page 15/16 - Egypt very much in favor of the dam and even paid for a one meter increase in the height of the dam. They considered it a reservoir for 'their' water.
page 19 - Opening Ceremony - paragraph 2 - the flow of the Nile was completely stopped and the river immediately down-stream drained for a few minutes.